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Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) & Keeping Kids Safe

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Complete Course Descriptions

From simple Excel charts to multimedia Endangered Species Reports to engaging interactive PowerPoint Career Presentations and research oriented Webquests; successful technology projects can be achieved in your classroom – with the right templates. Throughout the year we’ll explore templates in programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Hyperstudio. These templates will not only provide your students with plans for organizing, manipulating, researching and inputting information; they will give them guidelines for acceptable and unacceptable work.  In short, they will ensure for successful technology projects in your classroom!







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Building Four




Microsoft Office Classroom Tools, Templates and Wizards (K-12)

Create the handouts, organizers, and projects that you need with these helpful files from Microsoft.  From simple word plays and scrambles, to lab experiment designs, sophisticated reports and even thesis templates – Microsoft Office Classroom Tools has it all.  Exploration templates will include: brochures, calendars, conversion tables, experiment designs, lab and school reports, newsletter wizards, notes and outlines, and over 25 others. 

Prerequisite: Windows and MS Word



A Year of Calendars (K-6)

Create your yearly school calendar – with help from your students.  We’ll use a calendar template that includes spaces for student: pictures, poetry, artwork, and exemplary models.   Bring your school calendar so that we can include important dates~school events, students birthdays, and Internet addresses for monthly, and thematic studies.  Leave with a calendar worthy to post on your bulletin board. Prerequisite: Windows and MS Word



Microsoft Word 2000 Templates for Creating a Class Web Site (K-12)

   If you know Microsoft Word, you can EASILY create an amazingly informative class web site. Bring information you would like to publish for your classroom and/or community.

Prerequisite: Windows and MS Word



Publishing Templates for the Holidays (6-12)

   In addition to exploring publications for the holidays, we’ll explore templates including: newsletters, brochures, postcards, award certificates, posters, and banners.  Leave with ideas for a year full of publishing.

Prerequisite: Windows, MS Word and familiar with Publisher.



Webquest Templates (K-12)

   Whether you want to create a webquest for your students, or you want your students to have a structure to present their own webquest presentations, you’ll find them all in a day of discovering webquest template resources.  Leave with valuable resources for finding, creating, and evaluating webquests in your classroom.

Prerequisite: Windows, MS Word and WebQuest



Multimedia Career Report Templates (8-12)

   Traditional career reports include information such as: education requirements, job salary, and employment expectations.  Multimedia reports include this information plus appropriate sound, animations, and attention grabbing visuals.  Learn all of the skills needed to facilitate your students in creating show-stopping, persuasive, career presentations.      Prerequisite: Windows, MS Word and PowerPoint



Excel - Templates and Resources (6-12)
From scientific experiment charts to Dream Car amortization tables and even grade-book calculations, Excel is a great classroom choice.  Leave this session with templates to: follow a stock-market portfolio, calculate a loan or mortgage amortization, calculate IF/Then logical functions, or graph and chart the scientific results for a Science Fair project.

Prerequisite: Windows and MS Word



Mentoring & Modeling: Multimedia Templates for Collaboration (K-8)

 Your sixth, seventh, and eighth graders demonstrate some great technology proficiencies; so let them share these great skills with younger students in a mentoring environment.  Learn the skills needed to facilitate your students in creating informative multimedia presentations.  (Especially appropriate for foreign language teachers).  Projects will include multimedia storybooks, state and country reports, and “All-About-Me” Autobiographies.  Leave with the skills, strategies, and materials needed for making these templates a successful part of your classroom experience.

Prerequisite: Windows, MS Word, PowerPoint and HyperStudio



Mentoring & Modeling: Multimedia Templates for Collaboration

- in honor of World Languages Month, March           Continuation of February 7.



Schrock Guide - Templates and Resources (5-12)

– in honor of National Library Week (April 14-20)

   From presentations and resources for staff development to critical evaluation of website bias to graphic organizers and rubrics, this site has an amazingly rich variety of templates.   Join us as we explore all of these plus templates for note taking, outlining, and summarizing.

Prerequisite: Windows, MS Word, and Internet



Intermediate - Multimedia Templates For Your Classroom (6-12)

   Bring your ideas, or use our templates,  for a small multimedia project (3-5 cards or slides) that you would like your students to create in your classroom.  Then create the model presentation and the templates for student success.  Choose to work with either Hyperstudio or PowerPoint.  Exploration of digital technology will include: scanners, cameras, sound files, microphones and vocal narrations, animations, and various web resources.  Models such as Endangered Species, Virtual Dream Vacation, Solar System, Lyme Disease, and simple webquest presentations will be explored.  Leave with all of the skills, models, handouts, and assessments you’ll need to make this project a reality in your classroom.

Prerequisite: Windows, MS Word, PowerPoint, and Internet



Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) Templates and Resources

   In Honor of National Safe Kids Week – The first week in May (K-12)

In addition to finding exceptional AUP templates on the Internet, we’ll explore resources for talking to your students about Internet safety.  Learn how to dissuade them from posting personal information (in a profile), exchanging chain e-mail letters, and avoiding strangers, stalkers, and pedophiles.  Leave with templates and a new appreciation for your students’ perspective of the Internet.

Prerequisite: Windows and Internet Skills



Advanced Multimedia Mania (6-12)

  Projects, Storybooks, Templates and Resources

Web sites such as Thinkquest, ISTE, TechLearning, and HyperStudio contain exemplary templates to integrate advanced branching multimedia projects into your curriculum.  Explore these resources, and learn the skills to facilitate your students in creating an advanced multimedia branching project in your classroom.  Use your choice of PowerPoint or HyperStudio.   Leave with a solid plan to include this branching multimedia project template in your lessons next year.

Prerequisite: Windows, MS Word, PowerPoint, HyperStudio, and Internet



Multimedia Mania Continued (6-12), Part 2 of 2

   Templates to integrate advanced branching multimedia projects into your curriculum.

Prerequisite: Basic Windows, MS Word, PowerPoint, and HyperStudio



Templates for Rubrics and Assessments
   Most students can create and present powerful computer presentations. But how can you assess them?  Learn how.  We’ll explore websites that include traditional grading rubrics, exemplary contest rubrics, webquest rubrics, and assessment items to consider when assigning student computer presentations.  We’ll also explore the NJ - CCCS websites and learn to easily correlate classroom projects back to the NJ standards through pre-created templates.   Join us to find and create all of the assessments and rubrics you’ll need for a year of teaching.

Prerequisite: Basic Windows, MS Word, PowerPoint, and HyperStudio



Summer Storyboard and Assessment Templates

   Turn the traditional “What I Did This Summer” assignment into a simple multimedia presentation with the template for your students.  They’ll use a scanned picture from their vacation, or take digital camera pictures to recreate their adventures.  Presentations will also include Internet resources.  Take away all of the skills and materials you’ll need to make this your opening digital portfolio project of the year.

Prerequisite: Basic Windows, MS Word, PowerPoint, and HyperStudio


Tutorials for Teachers with "How-To" sheets

Tutorials for Software
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