In this workshop you will adapt, or create a webquest for your classroom.  
After downloading and perusing the workshop handout, available here Webquest Templates.pdf, we will listen to portions of a podcast from NECC 2005 - an interview with Bernie Dodge! Also a nice, brief introduction may be found here.
Some initial thoughts for planning a webquest. Have a fast connection? Listen to Bernie Dodge describe the parts of a webquest. After reviewing the Webquest Template handout, (based on the template found at: We will review the new resources (July 2005) at Bernie Dodge's site, and visit the new resources and
examples at the Webquest Portal Webquest Portal We will compare the parts of the webquest through the exemplary Building Blocks of a Webquest. Examples such as the Library of Congress webquest will be discussed. Comparing and contrasting a
traditional based report: Amazon Report with a persuasive Endangered Species report for congress. We will then make extensive use of Bernie Dodge's siteBernie Dodge's Site including training materials and
the new (June, 2005) Four Nets for Better Searching at the SDSU Website.

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