RFMS Scavenger Hunts & Resources


Click the following links for teacher/topic scavenger hunts.

Borawski, M. - Maniac Magee

Brodt, J. - RFMS Database

Cleary, G.

Creighton, K. - First Aide

Davis, K. - Carousels

Golowich, N. - What's Your Charity?

Hanlon, J. - Ancient India Resources

Hendrickson, K. - The Outsiders

Hewitt, G. - Weather Predicting

Hlavvsa-Suk, D. -Middle Ages

Huff, T. - Berlin Wall

Kuiper, K. - Science Resources - see revision soon

Kuster, K. - Famous Women in the Revolutionary War

Larkin, D.

Morgan, M. - The Pearl

Messina, M. - Teaching Tolerance

Miller, G. - Strange Numbers

Nevin, P. - Fractions

Quagliato, J. - Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Roll, B. - Math Trivia

Royer, J. -Medieval Resources

Schultz, D. - Music Scavenger Hunt, Music Resources

Schultz, J - American Revolutionary War

Slomczewski, G. - Mysteries

Tasker, R.

Vitale, S.




Step 1: Complete this example scavenger hunt to learn about scavenger hunts

Step 2: Complete the Scavenger Hunt Planning Page.

Step 3: As you create your scavenger hunt, re-visit this page to efficiently search the Internet.

Step 4: Finally complete this template page to create your scavenger hunt, and post it on the web.




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