We'll start the session with an overview of Ideas and Rubrics from the Chicago Public Schools Intranet.
Then we'll use their example for how to create a rubric from scratch.
We'll move to viewing information on the NJ state frameworks and assessments . Maybe even take a sneak preview at the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, and the NJ frameworks World Language assessments. Then we'll move to viewing exemplary models from Kathy Schrock's FANTASTIC resources!!

NJ Content Standard Rubrics - Writing Sequence with Examples (from NJPEP)

Example model: writing template from Microsoft's site (right-click on this link to download this MSWord document template).

Then you'll choose to create your own rubrics from the extensive resources found at the following sites:
Rubrics from Sue Lebau's site.

Project-Based Learning with Multimedia
Keep in mind presentation items, such as organization, Subject Knowledge, Eye Contact and Elocution, from this rubric

Multimedia Mania 2002 - The Daddy of All Multimedia Rubric Templates

Create your own rubric - websites
Create your own rubrics from Rubistar
Create your own rubrics from Tech 4 Learning
The Landmark Project, Create a Rubric
Academic Rubrics from teach-nology.com

Writing Rubrics from the Burlington County ETTC

Powerpoint Rubric from PA

Graphic Organizer Templates
My favorite student group rubric - see Group Performance Rating Scale 1/2 down this page
Online Assessment and Evaluation

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