This is where I went

What I learned at NECC in 2003


Take a 3d flyover of a city

Sky Terra Server, etc.

Jamie Mckenzie TCO, etc.

A different Approach to Research Module Maker Creative and critical thinking Total Cost of Ownership, Slamdunk Lessons

Search for NCLB

No Child Left Behind

Ian Jukes and ted McCain

The New Digital Landscape: Windows on the Future

1st steps in technology integration

Hydroponic Gardening: A Community of Learners Investigate Plant Growth
Ma'ema'e Elementary
Honolulu, Hawaii
Online Technology Fairs
Tech Fair 2003
Derby Public Schools
School District of La Crosse

I hear, I forget
I see, I remember
I do, I understand
Learning Pyramind
National Teaching Laboratoires - Maine
Lecture - 5%
Reading - 10%
Audio-Visual - 20%
Demonstration - 30%
Discussion Group - 50%
Practive By Doing - 75%
Teach others/Immediate Use of Learning - 90%

Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Resources
Oregon Public Education Network
Standards & Curriculum/Instruction Resources

From Beginning to the End, Assessment of Technology Integration
San Jose State University
Sample test:

Course Syllabus:

Pre-Observation Form and Observation Rubric - PT3 Grant


Fifth Graders Using Excel to Visualize Mathematics

Creating Virtual Field Trips for Your Students:


Museums and Fieldtrips:
John Bailey at the department of Education website

Everett at wwu,

my Dreamweaver instructor
 TI Website - good stuff algebra'scool

Maureen Yoder: Understanding: Examplary and Replicable Examples such as

?Does the activity inspire my students to treat others wtih respect.

Florida Mentor and Modeling

NECC - Live Webcasting and archive sessions


ISTE and Palm based comoputing

survey site


Dreamweaver =