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Projects, Storybooks, Templates and Resources
Web sites such as Thinkquest, ISTE, TechLearning, and HyperStudio contain exemplary templates to integrate advanced branching multimedia projects into your curriculum.  Explore these resources, and learn the skills to facilitate your students in creating an advanced multimedia branching project in your classroom.  Use your choice of PowerPoint or HyperStudio.   Leave with a solid plan to include this branching multimedia project template in your lessons next year.

We will be exploring the following sites in this session.
A Solid Sequence A Solid Slideshow

Download the Powerpoint 2000 booklet found here, or the Powerpoint 2002 booklet here.

Powerpoint and HyperStudio Tutorials here. (Note: type "Powerpoint" into the Quick Search field. Then click find!)
My personal favorite is #11 in this list

Powerpoint Multimedia slideshow tips for Powerpoint 2000.

Some HyperStudio templates from teachers

For more academic study, refer to these multimedia articles.
My FAVORITE Multimedia Article Recent Research on Multimedia's Impact on Education.
Not available online: ___Roblyer, M.D. (1999, March) Our multimedia future: Recent research on multimedia's impact on education. Learning and Leading with Technology 26(6) 51-53.

Templates for Electronic/Digital Portfolios and accompanying article.

Check these out
Some Teacher Created Pr
oject Ideas

Topics/Skills Covered
Intro Powerpoint Slideshow
Branching Multimedia Presentations
Viewing Examples
A Realistic Assignement Sheet
The Essential Question as a Multimedia Project Generator
Assessments and Rubrics
Internet Resources
Creating the Template

Some of my favorite resources for multimedia creation

Hyper Studio
Jim Hirsch (Multimedia Assessment Tools)
Templates & Ready Made Cards


Apple quicktime


For consumerreports on educational software:
Great Prices

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