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Why Mentor and Model?
by Barry Haines

When students don’t see models
of appropriate computer use,
they create their own models
of usage full of abuse.

They log on to get their e-mail,
Then are compelled to stay online
Downloading chain-letters, Instant Messaging,
Maybe a chat room to pass the time?

Students see an Internet playground,
and depending on their age,
Spend hours gaming, profiling, chatting
or, checking buddies – all the rage.

Students know that they know more
than adults when they’re online,
which leads to anonymous promiscuity
inappropriate relations, SPAM, and crime.

So, what is our school mission?
to condone such student use?
Or is our calling a higher one
leading to lifelong appropriate use?

Is our school filled with appropriate models
of the Internet throughout the day?
Scavenger Hunts, Webquests, and research
Teachers modeling in every way?

Do students see modeling teachers?
Finding knowledge that excites,
Presenting Internet information,
Properly citing copyrights?


Do students see Internet resources,
As helpful partners throughout life,
as tools to reference homework,
Effectively searching without strife?

Does homework include Internet research,
Do they have to cite their sources,
Are they encouraged to create new knowledge,
Or simply cut-and-paste other voices?

These answers lie in the modeling
That students see in their day
These answers lie in homes and schools
Of adults modeling work and play?

Peruse Internet models that they see.
What do you see through their eyes?
Adults checking IMs, portfolios, jokes, MP3s,
Is their behavior a surprise?

Can we change their use of the Internet,
For their future of life-long learning?
Peruse the world through their eyes
The answer is simply discerning.

We teach by exemplary models,
So, why mentor and model you ask?
In an age of plagiarism,
cybersex, and lurking pedophiles,
Exemplary modeling is our task.

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