Intermediate - Multimedia Templates For Classrooms
In this workshop you will learn the skills needed to complete Internet Multimedia Templates.
1: Including instructions for turning your favorite webquest into a multimedia powerpoint 
presentation for you classroom. 2: Next, you'll have the opportunity to create a unit of study for your individual content area.
Such as the following example unit/presentation for 6th grade science.
Microsoft Resources Endangered Species, a list of animals Endangered Species, lesson plan Endangered Species, notes Endangered Species, slides (Powerpoint) - 1998 Endangered Species, slides (Powerpoint) - 2001 Completed School Examples Adapted Endangered Species Slideshow
Powerpoint (Right-click [Ctrl+click] and choose "Save Target As") or HyperStudio.

  3: You'll then go through the process of completing one of these slideshows in order to review
efficiently searching and finding approprite multimedia elements.

Skills Covered/Reviewed Alt+Tab Copy/Paste Print Screen Word Art Drawing toolbar: all items Inserting and editing graphics/Picture toolbar: all items Storage options: Setting up your multimedia files. Folders for graphics, sounds, movies. Inserting clipart and animated clipart Digital camera pictures Program extensions and filetypes Changing volume and display controls Speakers and microphones Storyboarding Inserting and triggering sound files Making sounds play across multiple slides Inserting and triggering CD play controls Inserting and changing hyperlinks 4: View an example of a complete presentation. Click here to access academic clipart for students to use in their projects.

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