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This workshop is centered around a career investigation for middle, or high school students.
After downloading and perusing the workshop handouts, available here in a 3 part download,
Career Templates.pdf (2) (3) we will explore career projects and activites that will be explored include: webquests, powerpoint presentations, and of course Templates for Success!

Organized in a sequential career investigation, the following templates will be "employed" in this workshop.

In addition to the Career Template Gallery found at Microsofts Website, we will use:

- Traditional Resume templates

- Letter template: Request for business/career information

- Planning Sheet
- MSOffice/Scholastic online lesson plans
Our Brilliant Careers
"Biz Start-UP"

Multimedia Career Rubric (right-click to download this MSWord template)
Powerpoint Project Career Template - Download the final project template here

We will also employ the following student resource websites for careers:

Occupational Outlooks Statistics

Career Mosaic



Don't forget to cite your sources!



Career and Life Planning Webquest Sites (from Bernie Dodges San Diego State University site)

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker: Unemployed students find out how to search for a new career

FutureQuest Learners think about their own career choices by acting like counselors to four simulated kids.

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